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8 of June of 2020 25
Discover your forex trader profile

Everyone who wants to, has an investor profile, of course, some more conservative others more open about the possibilities of loss in exchange for greater gains and the famous “risk x return”, these two factors are consequences of a good investment or not , that a trader profile will have throughout his journey.

As you may have already noticed, the trader has a speculator profile, and for that reason, he must know you, in a different way from the “normal” seen in today’s investors.

To understand in another way

You, when you really see yourself as a trader, will need to have some control and measure, in a way, your willingness to embark on a higher level trading, because in addition to having to choose the assets invested in a good and correct way, you will have to deal with bigger issues like the time of exposure to that and the leverage.

So, you need to decide to better deal with your choices, in which trader mode your profile most suits.

Know the modalities

In certain stock exchange assets, we have such high levels of volatility and liquidity that, as you may already know, it is possible to carry out transactions in very short times, and this is about transactions in minutes or seconds, including seconds , regardless of the time of bet, they are the ones that will matter the most for each investor, since it is in the second final that their loss or profit in the bet of that moment is decided. For this reason, it is important for a trader to know that the longer a trade takes, the more time the trader has to make a decision.

For example, if a trader decides to trade longer, his decision-making will not be so psychologically pressured, as he will have longer targets, and will facilitate the management of the trade itself.

We have four modalities with more relevant role:

Position Trade: It is a longer trade, lasting months for example, it can also be considered an investment.

Swing Trade: It is also a very long trade, usually the investor does his operations opening and closing after days or weeks.

Day trade: In this trade, operations decrease, are opened and closed on the same day.

Scalping: This modality is also part of Day Trade, however, its operations are even smaller, it opens and closes in a matter of minutes or seconds.

To better understand leverage, or how it is possible to profit in minutes or seconds, we take into account that it is a system where you open business positions much larger than your capital, and then you can obtain greater profits.

Leverage has a significant amount of advantages, however, leverage can bring you risks and be very dangerous if you don’t have good and adequate risk management.

You should also, align your goals close to your profile, this means that, after discovering which profile is more suited to your goal as a trader, understand that the journey is long, so it is important to know which path you will take, even before start your business.

It is also possible to follow other lines so that operations are carried out to obtain extra income, especially if you already have a good source of income, a job and etc …

In order to be able to start your investments as a trader, you will undoubtedly need to analyze each of these mentioned modalities, or even the most peculiar ones, also search for possible scenarios, so you can find your profile, outline your goals and move forward with a good path in the market and even on the stock exchange.


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