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24 of June of 2020

PPMCC Indicator FX

This indicator will give a sharp view of when the chart will make a retraction movement, very good for scalp, combine it with price action to get great...
10 of June of 2020

Assets and techniques for novice traders

Knowing that the financial market is a very broad branch, with several niches in which a trader can operate, there are many doubts regarding which asset to...
4 of May of 2020

Karpenko Indicator for MT5

Karpenko Indicator is a good indicator to use in the metatrader, it can be used in the forex or o.b market and the results are very good when combined with...
10 of March of 2020

Retracement Trade System

this trade system provides the operator with confidence to carry out operations, combining with price action and other indicators can obtain good results. ...
6 of March of 2020

SPL Rank Indicator for MT5

This indicator is great for seeing the strength of the volume in relation to its quantity, combining with price action or other indicators you can get good...
26 of February of 2020

Trend Glitch Index Indicator for MT5

a great metatrader 5 indicator to use in the forex market, from it you will have a beautiful notion of trend, it indicates the strength of the trend...
26 of February of 2020

MTF/CCI Squeeze Indicator for MT5

great indicator of the forex market, it makes a combination of some famous indicators that aims to identify the current trend and also reversals, some...
23 of February of 2020

EA Forex Scalper M1

This expect advisor is very well programmed, it was made for scalp operations and indicated for those who are starting now in the day-trade, it uses...
23 of February of 2020

TripleBollingers Forex Indicator

is a great indicator of bollinger bands to use in the forex market, used by good traders for day-trade and swing-trade you can combine with other...
23 of February of 2020

EA – Forex Fire Robot for Metatrader 4

With this new free forex robot you can expect 10-15 trades per month with very low risk and a high winning percentage. The goal here is to give you...

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