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30 of June of 2020

Forex: Are robots legal?

Is trading with robots cool in Forex? Forex comes from English and means foreign exchange, which is proof that it involves more than one legal system....
30 of June of 2020

Automated trading is profitable?

Like many questions about currency performance, the answer can be a little tricky. Certainly, there are individuals and companies that make significant...
27 of June of 2020

Forex: Why do most traders fail?

Ask an expert, and he would probably give you a technical explanation, as “most forex traders are unsuccessful because they are undercapitalized compared...
24 of June of 2020

PPMCC Indicator FX

This indicator will give a sharp view of when the chart will make a retraction movement, very good for scalp, combine it with price action to get great...
18 of June of 2020

Pivots TradeSystem INDICATOR

This indicator will try to predict when the price will pivot, that is, a large bullish ignition, combining with technical analysis can obtain great...
18 of June of 2020

HeatMap CurrencyIndicator

this indicator will show on the graph where you should leave the stoploss positioned, it marks the possible hit's in the market, combine with price action...
16 of June of 2020

Forex and Day-Trade is a betting casino? Understand!

Studies have already shown that 95% of people who take their time to speculate on the stock exchange, lose it with quality, as they end up losing money and...
11 of June of 2020

Contrast Indicator FOREX

This indicator will show on the graph points where it tends to make a big ignition (pivot) combine with price action to obtain good profits.
11 of June of 2020

4MA Strenght Indicator

This indicator will help you to obtain gains in the forex market, combining with technical analysis and other indicators you will obtain good accuracy.
9 of June of 2020

How long should I trade Forex with the demo account?

Are you already convinced that you will need to trade with a demo account before starting trading in the real Forex market? See how long you will need to...

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