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27 of June of 2020

Forex: Why do most traders fail?

Ask an expert, and he would probably give you a technical explanation, as “most forex traders are unsuccessful because they are undercapitalized compared...
16 of June of 2020

Forex and Day-Trade is a betting casino? Understand!

Studies have already shown that 95% of people who take their time to speculate on the stock exchange, lose it with quality, as they end up losing money and...
10 of June of 2020

Assets and techniques for novice traders

Knowing that the financial market is a very broad branch, with several niches in which a trader can operate, there are many doubts regarding which asset to...
10 of June of 2020

The emotional control needed to be a trade forex

control in anyone's life is fundamental, now emotional control, it is something that we must always keep in great condition, being a trader, you will need...
9 of June of 2020

How long should I trade Forex with the demo account?

Are you already convinced that you will need to trade with a demo account before starting trading in the real Forex market? See how long you will need to...
25 of May of 2020

Forex Technical Analysis – Graphical Indicators – Metatrader

Technical indicators are plugins programmed based on statistics from trading platforms that mathematically analyze the relationships between various...
25 of May of 2020

Forex Technical Analysis – Candlesticks

Japanese candlestick charts are the most popular charts for Forex traders, and for good reason: they provide very complete, secure and accurate information...
25 of May of 2020

Forex Technical Analysis – Chart Types

Trading charts represent the price fluctuation of the respective instruments. The information contained in these charts, the analysis of charts,...
25 of May of 2020

The Origin of Graph Analysis on FOREX

For those who are asking themselves, "What is technical analysis of the stock market?", We will discuss the origins of this method of analysis in this...
25 of May of 2020

What is Forex Technicals Analysis?

You don't know how to analyze Forex charts in MetaTrader? Or do you want to learn how to earn on the stock market through technical graphic analysis? ...

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