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24 of June of 2020

Rainbow Oscillator Indicator

This indicator is good for predicting big movements, it shows when the price is expensive and reversal points, combining with price action and candle...
19 of June of 2020

Easy System Forex

This forex trading system is simple and objective, with it you can fit good trades even knowing little price action, converging with technical analysis the...
8 of June of 2020

Discover your forex trader profile

Everyone who wants to, has an investor profile, of course, some more conservative others more open about the possibilities of loss in exchange for greater...
25 of May of 2020

Forex Technical Analysis – Graphical Indicators – Metatrader

Technical indicators are plugins programmed based on statistics from trading platforms that mathematically analyze the relationships between various...
4 of May of 2020

Power MTO Indicator for MT5

Great option for the forex market, compatible with metatrader 5 this indicator brings with it a good range of combinations to operate any timeframe. ...
30 of April of 2020

SMMA Wild DMI Indicator for MT5

good indicator for metatrader 5, it has good results in the forex market when used in the right way, this indicator presents on-screen areas where the...
2 of April of 2020

Smoothed RSI Indicator for MT5

great help to use in the meta trader, a type of improved RSI where the points presented by the indicator are more accurate, you can get good results...
10 of March of 2020

Karpenk Indicator for MT5

great forex indicator to use in the metatrader, this indicator can show important trading zones and the trend in any timeframe, combining with price action...
10 of March of 2020

Channel FP Profit for MT5

great forex indicator to use in the metatrader, this indicator can show trading channels taking into account various factors, combining with price action...
6 of March of 2020

Slow Volume Strength Indicator for MT5

This indicator is great for seeing the strength of the volume in relation to its quantity, CCI lnx combines several factors of the market, combining with...

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