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21 of February of 2020

Minions Hikkake Indicator for MT5

this indicator will color points where the price took different attitudes, such as a large amount of volume or high amount of pip's in a short time, forex...
21 of February of 2020

Relative Vigor Index for MT5

great indicator for mt5, you can use it both in the forex market and in binary options, very good to identify areas of delay where the price tends to...
21 of February of 2020

Demark FOREX Indicator

is a great aid for forex traders, you can use it to be able to identify strong areas where the price tends to hold, it can be combined with price action...
21 of February of 2020

Alligator Indicator for MT5 – Forex

is a great indicator to get a sense of the main trend, numerical calculations of the forex market to show you important price points, combine with price...
21 of February of 2020

SMA Crossover Trading System – Forex Strategy

The simple moving average crossover forex strategy is one of the most used trend following strategies among currency traders.  Forex Chart...
21 of February of 2020

Parabolic SAR Strategy

Description: This indicator generates signals for performing deals using alerts and colored dots on a chart. This indicator compares the...
21 of February of 2020

Trend Indicator ADX VMA MT5 – Forex

From this flag you will clearly identify the trend of the forex market, in any currency pair, just combine it with a great price action strategy to get...
19 of February of 2020

Trend Moving Arange CG MTF – FOREX INDICATOR

is a great trend indicator for the forex market, it clearly shows the movement and possible reversal points, it can fit with price action and put together...

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